What is PMO ?

11-30-2009 Project Management Office Add comments

Different PMO books and web sites give different PMO definitions and responsibilities. Because there isn’t a universal PMO model.

People may talk about PMOs based on what they have seen at their company, or some best case example. But each organization is different, and one cannot always re-use the same model in a different environment and context.

But the basics are that organizations want to improve project performance (Truth is that projects generally underperform – late deliverables, cost overrun, don’t meet expectations). If projects by definition are bounded by their particular or unique objectives, scope, resources and timeframe, can they be run as isolated isles of effort, or should projects be coordinated amongst themselves within the same company? How does each project relate to the host organization? How do projects share the common and limited resources in the organization? How do projects and the organization manage conflicts or differences between the projects?

The need for a project management order and understanding, a coordination or standardization of the project management approach within the organization, is what defines the Project Management Office (PMO).

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